Time Saver

In cities, cycling is often the quickest form of transport - especially when you consider door-to-door journey time. If you cycle, you avoid the hassles of waiting for a bus, queuing in traffic or finding a car-parking space.

Cycling also provides a reliable and consistent journey time, as you’re not affected by traffic jams and road closures. So if you commute by bike you can be sure of the time it will take you to get to work – and enjoy a longer lie-in in the morning with the time you're saving!

Regular cycling provides a great work-out that is easily incorporated into your daily routine. If you cycle to work you won’t need to set aside extra time for the gym as you’ve already done your exercise for the day. If you have to travel to work it makes sense to get more out of your commute

Cost cutter

Once you have a bike, cycling is a free form of transport. Compare this to the costs of fuel and parking, or bus or train fares. Think how much less fuel you will use if you cycle to work - even just once or twice a week.

Buying a decent bike need not be expensive – and if you use it regularly it will soon pay for itself. Many employers now offer cycle to work schemes, which allow you to purchase a bike at a tax-free cost and spread payments over a period of time, usually through a salary sacrifice arrangement. This allows employees to save up to 40% on the cost of a new bike. Check if your employer offers a cycle to work scheme - it's worth asking them to consider setting one up if nothing is currently provided

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Monitoring for Success

Individuals that register and record cycle journeys on CyclingWorks! can see personal and company performance in terms of miles cycled, carbon emissions prevented and calories burnt.

Recording your journeys is a great incentive to keep cycling - it's amazing how quickly the miles add up and this website will help you keep a track on progress.

Anyone can sign up and use CyclingWorks! If your employer is participating in the initiative you can register under their name - your journeys will then contribute to your company performance, although you will have your individual profile.

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