Summer of Cycling 2017

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Get logging those trips to win prizes!

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Fancy a challenge ?

Challenges are set up by the CyclingWorks team, so if you want to get involved and set up a travel challenge within your organisation or between a group of organisations then get in touch with the team now by clicking here >

Challenges can be run over a defined time period, and based on any of the four categories of Miles Travelled, CO2 Saved, Calories Burnt or Money Saved – they can also be focussed at a particular mode of travel. For example you can run a challenge for two months based on cycling, with the leader board calculated on CO2 savings.


Challenges are open to all CyclingWorks registered organisations or groups. Once started you can’t join a challenge. Once the time period ends the leader boards are frozen and a winner declared. Prizes and incentives can be offered at our discretion or provided by participating organisations or groups. Challenges are subject to CyclingWorks terms and conditions.