Welcome to CyclingWorks! 

Designed to support, promote and increase cycling in Merseyside. This free web tool will help encourage you to ride your bike more often, log information about your cycling journeys and set personal goals. 

To register for miles of wonderful cycling please follow the links below. Anyone over 16 can take part. Once registered you can log trips for yourself or as part of your organisation.

CyclingWorks! is a fun, free way to encourage you to remember the joys and benefits of riding a bike. Cycling, whether it’s a day to day activity or an occasional adventure, is a great way to help keep healthy. We want to help you to get cycling, either more often or for the first time


Cycle trips logged on this website are updated live so that you can track your progress. Monitor the money you’re saving by cycling, as well as the bike miles you clock up and the calories you burn.

Keep an eye on this website for regular free offers such as events, prizes, cycle maps, adult cycle training, maintenance sessions and other freebies.


Live collective results, as they happen!

Total CyclingWorks! miles:

331,810 miles

Total CyclingWorks! calories burnt:


Total CyclingWorks! CO2 saved:

128.99 tonnes

Total CyclingWorks! money saved:


Download your local cycle map by clicking here